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We are studying Blockchain Services

for benefits of living.

 Nonce Lab is a researching Blockchain company.


Blockchain helps to do business in trust without unfair intermediaries.

Nonce Lab is always considering how to benefit the world through Blockchain technology.

Nonce Lab enables our customer to enjoy various advantages of blockchain even if he or she is not familiar with Blockchain technology.


Nonce Lab provides easy Blockchain service to customers by "SMART CONTRACT AS A SERVICE".


Make experiences with enterprise Blockchain products by Nonce Lab


Multi-Signature wallet providing safety from losing key

Decentralization of Blockchain can remove intermediaries but it gives obligation to user keeping his or her key.

However, COLET, self-developed multi-signature technology provides decentralized wallet that is safety from threat of losing and hacking keys.

1) COLET approves a transaction when it has two signatures out of three distributed keys.

2) COLET allows nonrepudiation for service providers.

3) It is possible to replace new key when if a customer loses his or her key

4) it is possible to protect customers’ assets even if their keys are leaked.

5) COLET supports KYC(Know Your Customer). 

​Meet new Blockchain wallet that overcomes limitation of decentralization



Please contact here if you have any questions for COLET.


Light public blockchain with cloud

Today, because most of public Blockchain services require to high-end computers and this is a big obstacle making blockchain network.

Mobile based blockchain, BLACKSWAN, provides your mobile application users to be blockchain nodes.

BLACKSWAN is a lightweight node technology. Important works is executed on mobile, heavy is executed on cloud.

Provide mobile DApp and blockchain node service at the same time.

You can have more to get getting blockchain node and your customers can participate in mining by mobile apps.

​Please contact here if you have any questions for BLACKSWAN

Nonce Lab Provides easy Blockchain services.



Point-based marketing support for retail shops.

MAGOT is abbreviations for every corner of town in Korean and it means the shop in a town where we always go. MAGOT will help you to charge your prepaid points, purchase reward point, marketing points and coupons at your retail shop. 

You can manage your regular customers as well as giving reward to loyal customers. Moreover, you can make your business to be stable through prepaid recharge.


MAGOT will start in the spring of 2020.

Blockchain is an immortal data storage that ca be used to preserve data as it is.

With just a few click, ETERNIZE makes you save data and check it whenever you want

ETERNIZE will start in the winter of 2020.

Trust storage service based on blockchain



Service for managing cryptocurrency.

Nonce Lab has expertise in cryptocurrencies. TRANCHE is a cryptocurrency management service based on our knowledge. Create and operate your own utility tokens, security tokens, and stable coins with TRANCHE.

Nonce Lab takes responsibility for related technology of Blockchain.

TRANCHE will start in the fall of 2020.

New Blockchain product and service for a better world

Nonce Lab always thinks about Blockchain as we have done so far. We will continue to discover innovative ideas with our high technology and insight into Blockchain.

To be continued.


Nonce Lab's technologies overcome limitation of Blockchain.

Multi-signature Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized technology, and users are obliged to keep their key in secure. This obligation of keep own key has been taken as a restriction on using Blockchain.

Nonce Lab developed a multi-signature technology that approves transactions with multiple keys.

This technology is applied to our wallet product, COLET.

네트워크 허브 및 케이블

Lightning Networks Technology

Even Ethereum has high security, but it is not easy to use in business because of Ethereum has slow processing speed and expensive fees.

Even Ethereum has high security, but it is not easy to use in business because of Ethereum has slow processing speed and expensive fees.

you can meet a service that overcomes limitation of blockchain by Lightning Networks.

디지털 소셜 미디어

Blockchain Lightweight Technology

Nonce Lab has been researching lightweight blockchain technology for a long time with Sogang University in S.Korea.

We have a technique that low specification device like mobile can participate in trust of Blockchain networks.


Agent-based consensus preprocessing technology

Consensus is a major factor that makes less scalable in blockchain. 


Nonce Lab introduces agent technology to overcome this limitation. Agent get round between blockchain nodes and tell nodes when consensus is needed.

We studied consensus preprocessing technology to increase scalability of private Blockchain.

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